Integration of appendices of designing and engineering preproduction outline allows for saving of work results in PDM system electronic archive, that is in the meantime a place to collect and store general data (BOM) transferred within design stages. MDM system that ensures unification of engineering design and technological stages due to centralization of corporate master data: basic and indirect materials, range of products, standard articles, spare parts, etc. is the linking element of design-engineering preproduction outline complex.


Integrated Semantic MDM-based designing and engineering software solution


In terms of design-engineering preproduction outline complex, Semantic MDM unifies all the operations on reference data entry and management, consolidates databases, ensures their safety and synchronization with economical segment reference data appendices facilities. 


Concept of Semantic MDM-based designing and engineering preproduction outline complex


Position of Semantic MDM in design-engineering preproduction outline complex is not restricted to function of master data supplier. Thanks to object oriented data model that allows to store knowledge on basic infrastructure compatibility rules, the system executes semantic smart search for facilities (patented method) where both target parameters and rules of its interaction with other facilities are of importance.

E.g., when searching "cutting tool" we should state not only its characteristics (diameter, borer length, etc.), but also any other related items: processed part material, treatment scheme, metal-cutting machine tool. At that a list of found options could be significantly decreased.


Data and knowledge consolidation in Semantic MDM System


Semantic search can ensure MDM-system competitive advantage in project activities automatization-related areas. Use of semantic technologies in MDM systems makes them efficient for processing engineering data; whereas integration of semantic MDM and CAD system generates a new class of competitive smart software solutions with high level of decision making automatization.

Thus, use of MDM level decisions in design-engineering preproduction outline complex allows to:

  • decrease labor input on design-engineering preproduction outline components development (up to 30%) due to unification of services on corporate master data management;
  • increase level of design decision making automatization in CAD systems on the basis of consolidation of knowledge on facilities compatibility in semantic MDM system;
  • decrease labor input on integration of design-engineering preproduction outline complex components due to elimination of master data cross-exchange between sub-systems;
  • decrease labor input on corporate master data management due to their centralization.