SDI Research, LLC is SDI Solution, CJSC affiliated company and a member of Skolkovo Foundation. The Company Project got ex-situ due diligence examination, is referred to as innovative and funded by Skolkovo Foundation.

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SDI Research Project is about semantic management of in-company reference data at engineering enterprises. The Project aims to develop a new generation semantic MDM (Mas­ter Data Management) system, customized for engineering enterprises and covering rules of conduct and collaboration between production facilities.

MDMis a comprehensive approach for generation of shared information space on the reference data level of enterprises that allows to provide unifying in-company working language for computer-based systems.

Principles of semantic MDM system generation

Seman­tic MDMis a strategic innovation in the area of reference data consolidation, unification of processing services, consolidation of knowledge in semantic models and standardization of data exchange formats. It is a cross-industry solution that is of high demand everywhere - for data bulk, complex interconnection of facilities, use of empirical knowledge-based decision making processes.

Use of semantic technologies in MDM systems makes them efficient for engineering data processing; integration of semantic MDM and CAD system allows to develop a new generation of commercially viable smart software solutions with high level of decision making computerization.

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Use of such systems in the production sector would ensure reference data standardization and would offer opportunities to take part in global data exchange.